Hugh's music


Hello: I'm an acoustic multi-musician and singer from Glasgow. I love Celtic rock music and enjoy taking traditional Scottish songs and performing them in a small rock band. I played in loads of pub gigs around Glasgow from 2018 till 2020 with the 4 piece band, Celtic Highway.

I also work in a three-piece acoustic band, The Jaded Lilies with percussionist Carole Jamnejad and singer/writer, Jeanette Hill. Although these bands mostly play live around Glasgow, we have released a few recordings and intend to do more.

I began recording at home in 2020. I'm trying to match the sound we made in our live gigs, so, although it's just me, the songs have a small band arrangement. 


I began writing a blog in the Spring of 2020. In it you can find plenty of information about my singles; where I found the songs, their story and how I recorded them. I have also started my HughJ A - Z of Celtic Rock, which takes you through all the countries where I can find bands working in that style.

It would help me a lot if you looked at my songs, on Bandcamp, or Spotify, under Hugh J Stewart.

Please download or stream them. Thanks.