Trad songs and tunes

I'm an acoustic  musician based in Glasgow. I sing and play music based on Scotland’s rich tradition. I’m a member of several bands and often play live performances  around the West of Scotland.


Celtic Highway is my Folk-Rock band. We play a really lively set of songs and trad tunes: jigs & reels for the dancing. Songs are from The Waterboys, Saw Doctors, Steve Earle, The Faces, Springsteen and many more.This is a very popular act which has performed dozens of gigs in the  West  of  Scotland.


Cunningham-Stewart acoustic duo, play a host of Trad songs and tunes on guitar and mandolin. Scott Cunningham is an excellent pro guitarist who joined the band for the play:  ' Vicious' which we performed in Glasgow, March 2019. We started busking with this material in Buchanan St. this summer.  {but NOT in Winter}

Hill-Stewart, Songwriters. I have been collaborating with Jeanette Hill for a couple of years, putting her lyrics to a tune/guitar accompaniment. We have recorded several titles  and some of these are on sale via the usual online outlets: see my `Merch` page. We also perform live around Glasgow, goining under th name of The Jaded Lillies. This is a 3 piece lineup, completed by Carole Jamnejad, who sings and plays percussion or Uke.

The Sisters Theatre Company put on the play “Vicious” in Glasgow in 2019, produced by The Horsehead Theatre. I co-wrote and performed the original songs for this show, which are available on iTunes and Amazon. We put together a x 6 piece band for the show, and also recorded a single, ”63 Winters”, by Hill-Stewart. Jeanette Hill is my song-writing partner and play-write.


Cunningham-Stewart. That’s the brilliant guitarist, Scott Cunningham, and myself, after a show,

By the Clyde.

By the Clyde in a windy March day.

End of show: 30th March 2019, Glasgow. That’s the end of our run with Horsehead Theatre’s production of Vicious.

At The Clutha, Glasgow.

Peggy Gordon. A Trad song we recorded at The Clutha, Glasgow.

Rob on drums. On this recording, Evelyn on guitar and Brian on bass.

Wild Mountain Thyme

From a gig at The Electric, Motherwell in 2018.

There is no video clip yet

The music

Songs or tunes? I do both kinds. When it comes to singing, I enjoy coming up with new arrangements of Scots songs. As I love rock music too, this often means coming up with some guitar riffs to carry the song. For tunes, either I work with a fiddle-player or else play the tunes myself, on the mandolin. I have a Grade 8 certificate in Scottish Trad music which I took on the mando. This allowed me to study jigs, reels, hornpipes... the full range of our musical treasure.